Yoga means "union".

Our Yoga classes seek to unite the mind, body and soul through movement. The poses taught by our instructors are carefully crafted to ensure safety and reap the maximum benefits of yoga.

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In Sanskrit, vinyasa means “to place in a special way”, and in vinyasa flow, we place the breath in a special way that is synchronized with a series of movement that will move you gracefully from pose to pose. With every breath, this style allows you to practice mindful breathing and controlled, steady flow designed to create internal heat and improving one’s overall fitness. Through a continuous flow of poses, strengthen your body and calm your mind. Inject some cardio into your routine. Develop your flexibility and unlock your inner balance through vinyasa yoga. We offer vinyasa, slow flow, beginner vinyasa as well as classes which combines vinyasa and yin yoga.



Vinyasa slow flow is a therapeutic dance of moving meditation. Each pose is held for 3-5 breaths. The pace of the class is slower than vinyasa classes. It allows beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners to create their own synchronized dance, while learning poses and how to move, breathe, and stretch between poses. Slow flow brings the element of time into the practice. 

beginners Yoga

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Our beginners yoga classes will help beginner feel safe and confident with yoga, by introducing poses that are both manageable and appropriate. These classes focus on the basic shapes of the postures, breath work and yogic philosophy. The teaching is at a slower pace with detailed explanations. Learn precise actions in the postures to safely achieve the correct alignment. You can attend our beginner yoga classes even if you are not new to yoga. They are great for getting back to basics. Experience the benefits of yoga and gain practical tools to enhance your posture, breath, and mindful movement in your daily life.



Yin yoga is a quiet, gentle and meditative practice incorporating long held floor poses to nourish the joints and improve flexibility. Based on the Tao (ism) philosophy and energy meridians, yin yoga stretches the fascia of our connective tissues throughout the body. A wonderful balance to a strong yang (eg. vinyasa) practice, yin yoga releases tension in our body and re-sets the mind to a calm, relaxed state.

We offer classes that combines yin yoga with other healing modalities, including meditation,  sound healing, acupressure and essential oils.

yin with sound healing


 Feel the therapeutic effects of sound healing with yin yoga in your body. The physics of ancient musical instruments, in particular, the sonic and wave properties of their frequency vibrations, have been shown to provide beneficial effects on health. In our signature class, our trained sound healers will combine low frequencies of ancient instruments in beautifully crafted melodies.

These sound healing instruments include the african flute, tibetan and crystal bowls, gongs, ting-sha, and chimes. With tibetan bowls and gongs blessed by Tibetan monks and crystal bowls handpicked from the Crystal Castle, this class is a delight to calm the mind and heal the soul. 

yin with 

acupressure & Essential Oil


 Stress release is the main goal in this class. We will practice yin yoga poses that target energy channels known as meridians in traditional chinese medicine (which acupuncture uses).  As yin yoga poses stretch and open these energy channels, pressing on acupressure points will amplify these effects, releasing blockages and tension areas. 

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts distilled into oil, and will be applied on acupressure points to ease stress, boost mood, relieve pain and get a good night's sleep. 

restorative yin with meditation


Our restorative yin classes with guided meditation are focused on mindfulness, as we practice cultivating awareness of our habitual thought patterns.  Meditative awareness and breath patterns will help in our asana (yoga poses) practice. Guided meditation is a practical way to overcome various personal problems. It helps us to be more objective, more understanding, more tolerant and more positive. 

Regular meditation can change the physical structure of the brain and make our brain better at cognitive functions. The more years we regularly meditate, the greater the potential benefits. Each student whether beginners or more experienced meditators will learn something

 Yoga wheel 


Yoga wheel is an amazing yoga prop that will help you deepen your practice physically, mentally and energetically. With the support of the wheel, you will be able to work into numerous postures and access different parts of your body in unique ways including your core muscles.

This class will focus on back care, core strength and restorative poses, specifically designed for anyone who sit and/or work long hours in one position, or are prone to get lower back stiffness or pain. With the aim to prevent and resolve back problems, the students will be guided through a sequence of yoga postures and alignment techniques to help them attain a good posture and strengthen the back muscles. Try this class to improve your postures and have a healthy back.

health qigong

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Learn the ancient self-care health practices of Traditional Chinese medicine. Qigong (energy work) is a moving meditation. It uses a combination of posture, deep breathing, intention and repetitive movements to move the energy (Qi) and create a flow of vital energy through our body's channel. Regular qigong practice will help you release physical, mental and emotional tension trapped in your body, calming your mind and activating the body’s innate self-healing capacity.  


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Shape up pilates is designed to burn fat and tone the body. Through the use of core-targeted moves such as muffin top eliminator and tabata, a high intensity interval workout, we work on both strengthening the cardiovascular system and making the body fit.

Our yogalates classes will combine yoga poses and mat pilates exercises to double the benefits of both practises.