Yoga Foundation course  

Wednesday 715pm- 815pm | Saturday 1045-11.45noon 

Up to 2 Sessions a week for 6 weeks* | Option to attend in studio or live stream

Start Dates 

23/27 Jan | 6/10 March | 14/17 April 2021

Variety of Poses Taught in Detail.

Complimentary Yoga Mats and Props. 

Come and learn Yoga foundations 

New to yoga, or looking to reinvigorate your practice?

Our class series is designed to nurture, enliven and grow your understanding of yoga. Gain practical tools to enhance your posture, breath, and mindful movement in the studio and in daily life. Sessions will be held within a nurturing community. This workshop class will have a theme each week. Each lesson builds on the previous, with generous support and resources along the way. Although the workshops are designed as a 6 weeks structured course, they can also be taken as a individual class on its own, and this would suit students who are available or interested in only one or a particular workshop topic/s. 

6 weeks Yoga Foundation course entitles students to take up to 2 Foundation classes a week. Course runs on every Wednesdays 715pm and every Saturday 1045am. The curriculum on both days are the same, however the teacher is different on Wednesdays and on Saturdays, and may teach different poses within the same theme. Our 6 weeks Foundation course can be started at any week, as each class has its own theme. Enjoy the flexibility to do it in our studio or live stream from the comfort of your home. Discounted pricing is available for our live stream course. Enhance your practice with the option to add on 6 weeks of unlimited beginner level classes (slow flow and yin yoga classes) during your 6 weeks course with us. The 6 weeks unlimited beginner level classes pass starts from your first foundation course session.

Curriculum | Course Dates | Prices

Week 1: Yoga Basics

What is Yoga? History and background of Vinyasa and other systems

Philosophy - The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Breath, Bandha and Dristhi

Introduction to Asana and the Sun Salutations


Week 2: Strength and Stability

Sun Salutations - Refresh

Introduction to Standing poses

Structure and stability

Week 3: Breath and Movement

Refresh of the initial Standing pose

Vinyasa - how each pose is linked

Balancing poses

Week 4: Firm and Comfortable Seat

Complete standing sequence

Introduction to initial seated poses

Seated Vinyasa

Week 5: Flexibility

Deep dive into flexibility specifically Hips and Knees and Shoulders

How seated Asana can help

Modifications and variations

Week 6: Twisting and Core

Refresh of sequences covered

Focus on twisting poses

Building core strength


Course Dates and Prices

Jan-May 2021

6 weeks course runs on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Pick either Wednesdays course or Saturdays course. The Wed & Sat classes in the same week will run the same curriculum,

however, poses taught may vary between teachers. Complimentary refresher session on the other course day of the week.*



Start | Jan 27 & Feb 3, 10, 17, 24, March

Start | March 10, 17, 24, 31, April 7, 14

  Start | April 21, 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26 


  Start | Jan 23, 30, Feb 6, 13, 20, 27 

     Start | March 6, 13, 20, 27, April 10, 17 

* April 3 Easter Long Weekend break

Start | April 24, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


In Studio


For Individual Yoga Foundation class 

Every Wednesday 715pm & Saturday 1045am


($13.25/Yoga Foundation class for up to 12 sessions for 6 weeks) 

For 6 weeks Yoga Foundation course

One session a week on Wed or Sat | Complimentary 2nd session on the other course day each week for 6 weeks*



~ Enhance your practice ~

 6 weeks Yoga Foundation Course (up to 12 sessions in 6 weeks)

PLUS Unlimited Open Level Yoga & Pilates Classes

Complimentary mats provided in all classes.

* Complimentary foundation session on the other course day of the week. 

* Any missed session can be made up on the other course day of the same week, or can be made up at the next cycle of the course.

Complimentary yoga mats and props are provided in all Yoga Foundation classes. 

For students who purchased the 6 weeks Foundation Course ($159), you can enjoy regular In-Studio classes during the 6 weeks course, and pay only $13/class.

Live Stream


For Individual Yoga Foundation Live Stream Class

(Wednesday 715pm or Saturday 1045am) 


($6.58/Yoga Foundation Class for up to 12 session in 6 weeks)

For 6 weeks Yoga Foundation Live Stream Course 

One session a week either on Wed or Sat | Complimentary session on the other course day of the week*




~ Enhance your practice ~

6 weeks Live Stream Yoga Foundation Course (up to 12 sessions in 6 weeks)

PLUS Unlimited Live Stream Open Level Yoga and Pilates classes 

*Complimentary foundation session on the other course day of the week. Any missed session can be made up on the other course day of the same week, or can be made up at the next cycle of the course.

**Complimentary yoga mat and block hire are provided for 6 weeks Live Stream Yoga Foundations Course students to take home for 6 weeks. 

Pick up your complimentary hire at our studio. A $50 deposit is required and will be return to you when hired items are returned.

For students who purchased the 6 weeks Foundation Course-Live Stream, you can enjoy regular Live Stream and In Studio classes during the 6 weeks course, and pay only $5/Live-Stream class or $13/In-Studio class.


6 Weeks



In Studio

Live Stream


6 Weeks



Unlimited Yoga  & Pilates Classes


In Studio

Live Stream






Live Stream

In Studio

Meet Jayshri

Saturday Foundation Class teacher

Meet Nici

 Wednesday Foundation Class Teacher

Up to 2 sessions

a week

Wed & Sat


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