4 weeks yoga foundation course

 Beginners Yoga Class Series/Course over 4 weeks on Saturdays 1045am

In Person classes starts 6th Nov 2021 - 10 available spots for fully vaccinated students!


Variety of Poses Taught in Detail.

Complimentary personalised yoga mats and props, and cleaning equipment will be provided for beginner course students to

use in studio. You will enjoy the sole use of these items throughout your 4 weeks course. 

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Come and learn Yoga Foundations

New to yoga, or looking to reinvigorate your practice?

Our class series is designed to nurture, enliven and grow your understanding of yoga. Gain practical tools to enhance your posture, breath, and mindful movement in the studio and in daily life. Sessions will be held within a nurturing community. This workshop class will have a theme each week. Different standing, seated and balancing poses may be taught. Each lesson builds on the previous, with generous support and resources along the way. Although the workshops are designed as a 4 weeks structured course, they can also be taken as a individual class on its own, and this would suit students who are available or interested in only one or a particular workshop topic/s. 4 weeks Yoga Foundation Course entitles students to 4 Foundation classes over 4 consecutive weeks on Saturdays 1045am.


In Person classes will be held in a private open air covered space in North Melbourne so classes can take place rain or shine. Details of the location will be updated in October. In line with Victoria regulations, all our In Person classes will be open to only fully vaccinated students and taught by fully vaccinated teachers. 

Curriculum | Course Dates | Prices

Week 1: Yoga Basics

What is Yoga? History and background of Vinyasa and other systems

Philosophy - The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Breath, Bandha and Dristhi

Deconstruction of Sun Salutations


Week 2: Strength and Stability

Sun Salutations - Refresh

Introduction to Standing poses

Structure and stability

Week 3: Breath and Movement

Refresh of the initial Standing pose

Vinyasa - how each pose is linked

Balancing poses

Week 4: Firm and Comfortable Seat

Introduction to seated poses


Individual Beginners Course Session

(Sat 1045am) 

$25 per class 

 4 Weeks Beginners Course (Sat 1045am)




 One Beginners Course
(Sat 1045am


4 Weeks
Yoga Course 

(Sat 1045am)


Meet Justine
Foundation Course Teacher

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Live Stream Beginners Classes
Enjoy One Live Stream Beginner Class (Saturday 1045am) for $15/session
4 Weeks Live Stream Beginners Yoga Course (Sat 1045am) for $59   
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