workshops with Keith Allen

Sunday 3rd February


Wedn 6th February


Sat 9th February


Keith Allen teaches vinyasa yoga and meditation internationally. He regularly leads teacher trainings, workshops and retreats worldwide and is a featured teacher on, a top online yoga channel. Keith is also the co-author of The Yoga Fix book. His teaching and work has been featured in Yoga Journal, Gaia, YogaDownload, New York Yoga & Life.

Sunday 3rd February : Defy Gravity: Inversion 101

Come explore the incredible healing properties of having the effect of gravity reversed on your body. Inversions stimulate the mind, increase energy, lift spirits, and strengthen the body in a way nothing else can. In this workshop we will explore key actions and practice the techniques to progress into inversions. After preparing the body, we will spend time on four major yoga inversions, headstand, handstand, forearm stand, and shoulder stand. There will be detailed explanation, practice, time for questions, one on one adjustments, and and understanding of what a healthy and aligned inversion is. This workshop is insightful for anyone desiring to deepen their yoga practice. Whether you've never gotten upside down, or are looking to refine your inversions, this workshop will benefit you.

Wednesday 6th February : Seated & Moving Yoga Meditation Exploration: 

The workshop explores, practices, and deepens the link between the practice of seated meditation, and the moving meditation that is yoga. We will uncover links that will unlock richer states of being in seated meditation and enhance the power of your yoga practice. The workshop is beneficial for all levels. Those who have never meditated, but wish to learn, and yoga beginners are welcome. This workshop is also beneficial for those who want to take their yoga practice to a deeper level. The power of the breath is a link between the magic of seated meditation, and the foundation of a healthy, aligned, and present yoga practice. Presence can be experienced both in stillness, and in movement. Come practice, learn, and enjoy both. The  2-hour workshop will include a lecture, time for questions, and conclude with a group practice consisting of two different seated meditation techniques and a moving, fluid, meditative vinyasa yoga practice.

Saturday 9th February : Alignment Masterclass:

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn some simple yet profound alignment principles to take your yoga practice to the next level. This workshop will give you tools for a safer, stronger, and more intelligent yoga practice. The information given will applicable and allow you to strengthen all of your poses. Students will learn how to use their core effectively, transform any pose with their feet, lengthen their spine properly, and create breakthroughs in their yoga practice with the knowledge gained.

$ 35

One workshop

$ 65

Two workshops

Three workshops

$ 90

*Members Special Price $30/workshop (to buy at the Studio)