The alchemy between Stillness and movement with Lucia D'Alessandro

Sunday 17th February

12-2.30 pm


Lucia has always been passionate for the immense wisdom of the body and it's capacity of auto-healing. In yoga, we listen and stay close to our breath and body sensations, through the dance between movement and stillness. It is a form of possibility to make space in our bodies and minds for whatever arises and unfolds.

Lucia has been teaching Vinyasa and Yin yoga for the last 10 years in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and her speciality is Vinyasa Flow. As a contemporary dancer, her classes flows through softness, creativity and physical work, and integrates organic alignment and breath awareness.
She believes that a deep understanding of our body is a gift for ourselves to live our fullest potential, and to be able to inspire and being inspired by others in this interwoven connection of life that we are part of.

Moving in this ocean of prana which we are part of and that makes us at the same time. This vital energy tides which embrace us, hold us, releases us, enable and link us. Opening to a deep listening of ourselves and being aware of the different tensions and forces within our bodies and the environment.

With different tools that we'll borrow from contemporary dance, somatic and kinetic techniques we'll dive into this amazing vinyasa flow yoga language. Understanding it as a continous and ciclic movement, even in stillness. Finding out what happens when opposite patterns get together through organic alignment.

It's a Laboratory in which the teacher will guide the students to find their own, unique flow, both navigating together. 

About the workshop :

Some of the topics we will go through :

  • Liquid body and improvisation

  • Mapping our bodies

  • Synchronizing the breath with the movement

  • Being aware of the gravity force that makes us all the time

  • Connections between the Spine and the three containers/cavities (skull, ribcage, pelvis)

  • Connection to the earth that is holding me all the time

  • Breaking down a vinyasa sequence in detail and it's correct alignment...


$ 35