Rohima Hossain

Rohima is originally from the Netherlands, but she feels like a woman from all over the world.

Since February 2017 she was getting tired of her daily routine and habits, so she decided to quit her job, to leave “home” and started traveling the world - exploring and spreading love and light while teaching yoga and just be.

In 2013 she started with her yoga practice and this has helped her to grow to the woman she has become today. Her aim is to spread this with all human beings around the world and to learn and experience more wherever she might be. She hopes that she can make Melbourne her base eventually.

Rohima loves to teach creative, mindful flows, but as she know how stressful life can be and how we can lose track in time sometimes, she loves to dive into a Yin practice and to find the stillness and softness in the body and mind.

She practices and teaches from the heart. She always listens to what your body needs and desires.

Open your heart together with her and dive into an experience of curiosity, acceptance, being raw, being you. Embracing your 'you-ness'.

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203 Victoria Street,

West Melbourne