Description of Shape Up Pilates Classes

 Fullbody Toning 

After warming up with some easy cardio or some dynamic moves, we will flow from one move to another targeting at different areas of the body. Tabata, HIIT or cardiovascular focused training  will be added in between to burn extra fat!


Muffin Top Eliminator

Been staying at home? Been sitting too long? Time to say goodbye to muffin tops! This session focus on the obliques as well as upper abs to get rid of muffin tops and love handles to create beautiful waist line.


Lean Legs and Arms

Flow smoothly from standing, seated, supine and prone position. Burn the glutes, hips, hamstrings, calf and inner thigh!


Core Blast 

Flatten your belly with the core blasting moves! Focus will be on the most important stabilizer of the core which is the Transverse Abdominis, obliques, lower abs and upper abs. Be ready to feel the sore afterwards!

Our Live Stream Shape Up Pilates Classes are designed to burn fat and tone our body. With core blasting moves such as Muffin Top eliminators combined with Tabata, a high intensity interval training, we will shred down those fat and shape the body of our dreams .

Our Yogalates classes combines Yoga and Pilates. Enjoy the benefits of both practices to tone your core and increase your flexibility

Description of Yogalates Classes

Yogalates is inspired by Yoga and Pilates. It harnesses the physical and mental benefits of both practices, and its advocates describe it as a comprehensive exercise system to tone the core and improve flexibility. A great practice for the mind, body and soul!

Our Yogalates Classes is a combination of Pilates with either Vinyasa or Slow Flow. Vinyasa Yoga combined with Pilates provides an energetic practice. Slow Flow Yoga combined with Pilates provides a gentle yet satisfying practice. 



Interested to try a taster Shape Up Pilates Class or Yoga Class?

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