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Lets Journey Safely Together 


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How we will keep you safe

As there may be silent transmission in the community, it is especially important for us to maintain strong precautionary measures at all times. At the Yoga Place Melbourne, we operate under the best evidence-based practices to ensure your safety. An abundance of space and fresh air will also go a long way to help prevent transmission in our classes. If you have any symptoms of flu, or feel unwell in any way, we ask that you stay at home.

Read on more about how we will keep you safe during classes with us!

Hygiene & Sanitisation

The most important thing to avoid catching any virus, be it coronavirus, the flu or the common cold, is to wash your hands with soap & water, and avoid touching your face. The second most important thing is to maintain a maximum distance from another individual and has a face mask on to mitigate possible aerosol virus transmission. High standards of hygiene and sanitisation are observed in our classes at all times. Our teachers have all undertaken the infection control online training.

Physical Distancing

While the DHHS recommends maintaining at least 1.5m apart from other people in outdoor classes, health experts advise further if possible, and that the amount of space between participants matters more than its total class size. 1.5m is not a magic number, and extra space beyond that would provide additional protection. Our studio space allows up to 6-10 square metres per student.

Our maximum class size is 12. 


Masks can help prevent people from inhaling the droplets, large and small, that carry the virus. A systematic review commissioned by the World Health Organization in The Lancet suggests that wearing a face mask not only protects against the spread of disease, but it can also significantly reduce the risk of infection for the wearer. We understand that most of you prefer to remove your masks during exercise because of heavy breathing or overheating, and we leave this option to you.

Yoga Props 

We encourage everyone to BYO yoga mat and props. However, if you haven't got them on you, we provide complimentary yoga mats, blocks, bolsters and cleaning solution sprays. 


Change Area, Toilets & Drinking Water

Change room, toilets and filtered drinking water as well as cups are available in the kitchenette. We encourage everyone to be in casual yoga attire.


Our classes are conducted in a well ventilated space with open windows.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Please stay at home and do not attend class if you feel unwell. We encourage you to prebook your classes online although we also accept walk in. Please cancel in advance if you cannot attend, so waitlisted students can attend class. 


We hope that our safety measures will give you peace of mind while you practice with us. Please feel free to provide your feedback or suggestions to us, so we can serve you as best as we can.

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