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How we will keep you safe

As there may be silent transmission in the community, it is especially important for us to maintain strong precautionary measures at all times. At the Yoga Place Melbourne, we operate under the best evidence-based practices to ensure your safety. An abundance of space and fresh air will also go a long way to help prevent transmission in our classes. If you have any symptoms of flu, or feel unwell in any way, we ask that you stay at home. We have some new procedures checking in and out of our yoga class, and during our yoga class. 

Read on more about how we will keep you safe during classes with us!

Hygiene & Sanitisation

Physical Distancing


Yoga Props and Storage Space

Change Area, Toilets & Filtered Water

In-Studio vs Outdoor Classes: Air Flow & Ventilation

Etiquettes for Yoga Class 


Hygiene & Sanitisation

The most important thing to avoid catching any virus, be it coronavirus, the flu or the common cold, is to wash your hands with soap & water, and avoid touching your face. The second most important thing is to maintain a maximum distance from another individual and has a face mask on to mitigate possible aerosol virus transmission. High standards of hygiene and sanitisation are observed in our studio at all times. Our teachers have all undertaken the infection control online training. All high touch points are sanitised at the changeover of each class including the floors. 

Sanitisation stations with automated sanitiser spray are available at each space entry/exit point and in areas where there are possible high touch points. Contactless soap dispensers, sanitiser dispensers, bins, and paper towel dispensers are in place to minimise contact and to provide access for sanitisation to our students and teachers at all times.  We encourage everyone to sanitise your hands.


Physical Distancing

While the DHHS recommends maintaining at least 1.5m apart from other people in outdoor classes, health experts advise further if possible, and that the amount of space between participants matters more than its total class size. 1.5m is not a magic number, and extra space beyond that would provide additional protection.

In both our In-Studio & Outdoor classes, we ensure that physical distancing is maximised in our 250 square metres Studio space as well as in our outdoor space at Flagstaff Gardens.

In our studio, each mat space in the studio is marked out to guide students where to place their mats and to maintain distancing measure during the class. Everyone will observe an individual space of up to 8 square metres, with up to a 3 metre radius from other students in a circle formation. Our maximum class size is 17 even though our studio can fit 40 students based on the 4 square metre rule. We have limit our class size to 17 so that each student will be 1.5 metres from only 2 other students in most class. In this circular formation, there will only be two other students next to you and no students in front or behind you. Our teacher will teach either in the top of the circle or in the middle of the circle. There are "x" marks on benches, shelves and floors to guide the 1.5m physical distancing in waiting areas and where shoes, and belongings are placed. 


Masks can help prevent people from inhaling the droplets, large and small, that carry the virus. A systematic review commissioned by the World Health Organization in The Lancet suggests that wearing a face mask not only protects against the spread of disease, but it can also significantly reduce the risk of infection for the wearer. We understand that most of you prefer to remove your masks during exercise because of heavy breathing or overheating. According to health experts, as long as proper distance is maintained, removing your mask does carry less of a risk of transmission. Masks are currently not mandatory during indoors yoga classes, although you are welcome to keep your mask on if you prefer. 

Yoga Props & Storage Space

We encourage everyone to BYO yoga mat, yoga blocks, bolsters, as well as cleaning solution or sanitiser sprays, and cloths to clean your yoga items. However, if you haven't got them on you, we provide complimentary yoga blocks as well as cleaning solution sprays, sanitiser sprays, tissue and paper towels. We offer yoga mats and props for hire. You are also welcome to bring your own. We ask students to clean our yoga blocks and mats at the end of each class, if you have used them. You are welcome to bring your own cloth or use the paper towel in the studio to clean the mat. All sessional hire items, including the spray bottles, will be sanitised in between classes, by staff who has undergone infection control training. All hired yoga mats will be aired for 2-12 hours before next use. Our yoga foam blocks are machine washed with soap and air dry daily. From January 2021, we will provide personal storage space for students who wish to keep their mats at our studio. All members will get their own personal cleaning spray bottle.


Change Area, Toilets & Drinking Water

Contactless hand sanitisers are provided at each entrance/exit points of our change room, kitchenette and toilets. Please kindly sanitise your hands before entering and exiting each space.


Change room: We encourage everyone to be in casual yoga attire and not use the change room or toilets at the studio if possible. We have a dedicated change room for our female students on the first floor. There are two changing spots, equipped with chairs and shelves, and two waitings spots in the room. Our male students will need to change in the toilets, which are equipped with stools and hangers.


Toilets: We have two toilets, one on the first floor and one on the second floor. We provide a contactless soap dispenser and bins, as well as paper towels. Please sanitise your hands or wash your hands prior to touching the toilet doors, and please put the toilet seat cover down after you have used it. 


Drinking water: Filtered water is available in the kitchenette. As sanitisation with alcohol takes at least 30-60 seconds to work, we encourage you to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds prior to touching the water filter tap. We also ask you to bring your own water bottle or cup please. 

In-Studio vs Outdoor Classes: Air Flow & Ventilation

Health experts have stated that while the risk of transmission isn’t completely eliminated with outdoor fitness classes, it’s significantly lower. Just like outdoor dining, outdoor fitness classes are much safer than indoor ones because they allow for better airflow and ventilation. This can better disperse respiratory droplets, potentially reducing the risk of them landing on your mouth or eyes, or on surfaces that you may touch and then transfer to your mouth, nose, and eyes. It likely reduces the risk of airborne transmission as well.  According to Humberto Choi, M.D., a pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic who treats COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, the breeze—which aids airflow—also plays a role in making outdoor classes a safer option. In view of these benefits, we have added outdoor classes in addition to our in-studio classes for your yoga practice. 

Our studio building has been designed with ventilation air spaces in walls and skylights that allow fresh air into our building. Several actions are taken to increase the air exchange rate, which is a measure of how many times the indoor air of a room is replaced by fresh outdoor air per unit time. All North and South facing windows and doors in three levels of our studio building are kept open at times. This will allow a direct continuous line of fresh air flow and breeze through our main studio room from the North West to the South openings. Indoor hot air are expelled by our roof vents, drawing airflow into the building. Strategically positioned window fans increase the rate of fresh air flow into the building, and this further increase the air exchange rate in our main studio space and common areas.

Apart from increasing the flow of fresh air into the building, the direction of air flow is also important. Mat placements are strategically positioned to provide not only the maximum physical distancing, but also to provide the highest probability that fresh air flow is in the direction towards each student and teacher.


Our split system air cons will be used for heating, while air purifier with hepa filtration will be positioned to complement the provision of clean indoor air. Hepa filters have been shown to be 99.97% efficient in filtering out 0.3μm size particles, which includes the coronavirus and other viruses; with the filtration efficiency increasing for particle diameters both less than and greater than 0.3 μm. 

Etiquettes For Yoga Class

1. Safety, Booking & Cancellation Policy

2.Sanitisation Map: Clean Hands, Clean Feet, Clean Mind

3. My Mat Space 

4. Cleaning My Mat

5. My Personal Belongings & Mobile Phones

6. Mask Etiquette

7. Hire Items Collection & Drop Off

1: Safety, Booking & Cancellation Policy

Please stay at home and do not attend class if you feel unwell. We encourage you to prebook your classes online although we also accept walk in. Please cancel in advance if you cannot attend, so waitlisted students can attend class. If you need to cancel, please do so by logging into our phone app (download android or  i phone links at footer below) or by logging into your mindbody account. From 1st of January 2021, $5 late cancellation fee will apply for no show or late cancellation (less than 3 hours before class for the evening sessions, or less than 12 hours for the morning sessions) if you are on an unlimited pass, i.e 30 days wellness offer, one week/one month/three months memberships, 6 weeks foundation course or prenatal course with unlimited classes). This will be debited from your card account. For students on the 1/5/10/20 class pass pack, your pass will be deducted as used if you did not show up or had a late cancellation. We will waive this action on your first no show/late cancellation, and provide a gentle reminder to you, but this action will apply for subsequent no shows/late cancellations

 2: Clean Hands, Clean Feet, Clean Mind: Sanitisation Map

Please sanitise your hands when you enter a new section / room in the studio with the contactless sanitiser provided. We use a non stick peppermint flavoured (70% ethanol) sanitiser. 

We encourage everyone to wash or sanitise your hands and feet before class, if you can. To sanitise your feet, simply wet a tissue under the contactless sanitisers and wipe them over the sole of your feet. This will serve as a protective measure for you, as your face, hands and feet share the same contact point on the mat during your practice. Read on more to find out where our contactless sanitisers are located.

i. Ground floor entrance - Hand Sanitiser

At our entrance,  please remove your shoes and place them on the shoe shelves first, and sanitise your hands before going up the stairs. 

ii. Upstairs common area (Kitchenette, Toilets, Change room) 

Contactless hand sanitisers are provided outside each entry/exit points of our kitchenette, toilets and change room.

We have 3 hand wash area in our kitchenette and our toilets, where we provide contactless soap dispensers, contactless bins, contactless sanitiser dispensers and paper towels. Our 1st floor toilet is situated opposite the kitchenette, and our 2nd floor toilet is past the kitchen and up the stairs. In our toilets, you will find stools to sit on if you need to change/clean your feet. 

iii. Reception & Bags Area: 

Contactless sanitiser sprays are provided at our reception desk and the cubicle area where you put your bags and personal belongings. If you wish to sanitise your mobile phone and cubicle shelf, simply wet the tissue paper under the contactless sanitiser dispenser and wipe where you want. 

iv. Sanitisers at Yoga Class White Floor Space

We have a sanitiser station stand when you enter our white floor yoga class space. We also provide contactless sanitisers outside the mat storage area and hire room. 

3: My Mat Space 

  Please place your mat in one of our black floor markings. We have marked the mat placement to guide you so the density of students in our studio is 9 square metres per student, and you are at least 1.8m from other students, while the shortest distance between any two mat edges are 1.3m to 4m. The mat markings are made of an L shape bordering two corners of a mat space. Our mat spaces are arranged in a circular formation with 13 students mat spaces in a circle formation, and 4 students mat spaces in the middle of the circle. Our teachers will be teaching at the top of the circle. You can easily access our complimentary yoga blocks, and cleaning solution spray bottles placed at the corner of of your mat space, as well as our paper towels and automatic hand sanitisers.

4: Clean & Sanitise My Mat


For everyone coming back to our studio to practice, we recommend you to clean and disinfect your mat at home before & after class. We also recommend that you sanitise both the front and back of the mat. You are welcome to bring your own cleaning solution, sanitisers and towel to clean your mat in our studio. If you haven't got them with you, we offer complimentary cleaning solution sprays for mats and blocks, (they are skin friendly and lavender flavour), and contactless sanitising sprays (peppermint flavour with 70% alcohol) for everyone too. Pease sanitise your hands with the contactless alcohol sanitisers before taking the cleaning solution spray bottles.  


From January 2021 onwards, our membership students will enjoy their own cleaning solution sprays (plus a personal space for your own cleaning spray bottles!) throughout the duration of their membership/intro offer. If you come to our studio regularly and would like to have one too, just let us know and we'll make one up for you! 


Everyone have access to our contactless alcohol sanitisers, cleaning solution spray bottles, and paper towels at the end of class. Our teacher all are trained to wash their hands prior to distributing the yoga blocks, cleaning solution sprays and automatic sanitiser sprays to students. If you are one of our regular students, intro offer or membership students, you will be provided your own cleaning solution spray at our studio. You would also be provided with a cleaning solution spray bottle if you have hired our studio mats. Otherwise our teacher will bring a cleaning spray bottle to you at the end of class, or simply ask your neighbour student who has a spray bottle to spray some on your mat! 

Please sanitise your hands under the contactless alcohol sanitisers provided to you at the end of class before using the cleaning solution spray bottles to clean your mat.  


Our teachers will show your how to safely replace your mask, and clean your mats and blocks at the end of class Please let our teachers know if you would like them to spray alcohol sanitisers on your mat after you have cleaned them. Remember to let the mat air dry for a minute or so without wiping on it, so the alcohol sanitiser can do its work. Please note that alcohol sanitisers are not good in the long run for rubber mats.

5: My Mobile Phone & Personal Belongings

We provide contactless sanitiser sprays and tissue paper for you to clean your mobile phone and shelf space where you put your belong.Our mobile phones may be the items we touch the most throughout the day. Hence phone hygiene is a concern. We recommend you to clean your mobile phone on check in as a preventative measure, or to put it away on the off or silent mode during class. Please see this guide on how best to clean your mobile phone. 

We also offer UV sanitisastion tools. Let our teacher know if you would like to sanitiser your mobile phone or keys in them.


There are white shelves and cubicles in front of our reception area where you can put your personal belongings. Please place them at the cross mark. There is a little brown cubicle set in the white studio space area, which is ideal for putting keys and mobiles phones. You are welcome to use a paper towel to wrap your keys/mobile phone in, before putting your personal items in the brown cubicle set. You are also welcome to bring your personal valuables or belongings with you to your mat space.

Starting Jan 2021, we will provide a personal storage space for everyone to keep your own yoga mat in our studio if you wish to. We can provide you your own name label so your mat will not be touched/used by others.


6: Mask Etiquette

Masks are currently mandatory at indoor yoga classes. However you are welcome to keep your masks on. Please wash your hands with soap or sanitise your hands before and after removing/putting on your mask or if you accidentally touched your mask. You are welcome to use our paper towels to wrap your mask when you remove them. We ask that you don't put the mask on the studio floor when you are at your mat. Contactless bins are provided around the studio for you to throw the paper towels in. Please see this guide on instructions for the best practice for putting on and removing masks.

7: Hired Items Collection & Drop Off

 If you are hiring a mat or using our complimentary studio mats, simply ask our teacher and pick one up at the reception desk when you check in. At the end of class, please clean your mats and blocks after class. You can leave the yoga blocks, and our studio mats on the floor. We will sanitise all hire items and cleaning solution bottles prior to their next use. If you are our member, you can return these items into your personal storage space.

All studio mats and blocks will be sanitised with alcohol sanitisers prior to the next hire.  Our blocks are washed and air dried regularly once a week.

We hope that our safety measures will give you peace of mind while you practice yoga and pilates with us. Please feel free to provide your feedback or suggestions to us, so we can serve you as best as we can.

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