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How we will keep you safe

As there may be silent transmission in the community, it is especially important for us to maintain strong precautionary measures at all times. At the Yoga Place Melbourne, we operate under the best evidence-based practices to ensure your safety. An abundance of space and fresh air will also go a long way to help prevent transmission in our classes. If you have any symptoms of flu, or feel unwell in any way, we ask that you stay at home. We have some new procedures checking in and out of our yoga class, and during our yoga class. 

Read on more about how we will keep you safe during classes with us!

Hygiene & Sanitisation

Physical Distancing


Yoga Props and Storage Space

Change Area, Toilets & Drinking Water

Open Air Classes

Booking & Cancellation policy 


Hygiene & Sanitisation

The most important thing to avoid catching any virus, be it coronavirus, the flu or the common cold, is to wash your hands with soap & water, and avoid touching your face. The second most important thing is to maintain a maximum distance from another individual and has a face mask on to mitigate possible aerosol virus transmission. High standards of hygiene and sanitisation are observed in our classes at all times. Our teachers have all undertaken the infection control online training. All high touch points are sanitised at the changeover of each class.

Sanitisation stations with automated sanitiser spray are available at each space entry/exit point and in areas where there are possible high touch points. Contactless soap dispensers, sanitiser dispensers, bins, and paper towel dispensers are in place to minimise contact and to provide access for sanitisation to our students and teachers at all times.  We encourage everyone to sanitise your hands.


Physical Distancing

While the DHHS recommends maintaining at least 1.5m apart from other people in outdoor classes, health experts advise further if possible, and that the amount of space between participants matters more than its total class size. 1.5m is not a magic number, and extra space beyond that would provide additional protection.

Everyone will observe up to a 3 metre radius from other students. Our maximum class size is 10. 


Masks can help prevent people from inhaling the droplets, large and small, that carry the virus. A systematic review commissioned by the World Health Organization in The Lancet suggests that wearing a face mask not only protects against the spread of disease, but it can also significantly reduce the risk of infection for the wearer. We understand that most of you prefer to remove your masks during exercise because of heavy breathing or overheating. However due to the current worsening pandemic and the contagious nature of the Delta variant, we request all our teachers and students to keep their masks on throughout the class. 

Yoga Props 

We encourage everyone to BYO yoga mat, yoga blocks, bolsters, as well as cleaning solution or sanitiser sprays, and cloths to clean your yoga items. However, if you haven't got them on you, we provide complimentary weekly hire for yoga mats, blocks as well as cleaning solution sprays.All hires will have to be picked up and dropped off at our north melbourne location by students. All sessional hire items, including the spray bottles, will be sanitised in between classes, by staff who has undergone infection control training. All full members will get their own personal cleaning spray bottle.


Change Area, Toilets & Drinking Water


Change room and toilets will be available at the Flagstaff gardens. We will announce more details regarding our North Melbourne open air studio space facilities in November 2021.  We encourage everyone to be in casual yoga attire and not use the change room or toilets at the studio if possible.


Drinking water: We also ask you to bring your drinking water. 

Open Air Outdoor Classes

Health experts have stated that while the risk of transmission isn’t completely eliminated with outdoor fitness classes, it’s significantly lower. Just like outdoor dining, outdoor fitness classes are much safer than indoor ones because they allow for better airflow and ventilation. This can better disperse respiratory droplets, potentially reducing the risk of them landing on your mouth or eyes, or on surfaces that you may touch and then transfer to your mouth, nose, and eyes. It likely reduces the risk of airborne transmission as well.  According to Humberto Choi, M.D., a pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic who treats COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit, the breeze—which aids airflow—also plays a role in making outdoor classes a safer option. In view of these benefits, we have made the decision to only provide open air classes outdoors during the pandemic, in addition to our live stream classes.

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Please stay at home and do not attend class if you feel unwell. We encourage you to prebook your classes online although we also accept walk in. Please cancel in advance if you cannot attend, so waitlisted students can attend class. If you need to cancel, please do so by logging into our phone app (download android or  i phone links at footer below) or by logging into your mindbody account. From October 2021, $15 late cancellation fee will apply for no show or late cancellation (less than 3 hours before class for the evening sessions, or less than 12 hours for the morning sessions) if you are on an unlimited pass, i.e 30 days wellness offer, one week/one month/three months memberships, 6 weeks foundation course or prenatal course with unlimited classes). This will be debited from your card account. For students on the 1/5/10/20 class pass pack, your pass will be deducted as used if you did not show up or had a late cancellation. 


We hope that our safety measures will give you peace of mind while you practice yoga and pilates with us. Please feel free to provide your feedback or suggestions to us, so we can serve you as best as we can.

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