The Yoga Place is opening our doors to Mums, Dads and Babies for Yoga. Benefit your body and baby with toning and stretching coupled with breathing and relaxation. This small group class will help alleviate discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica. Develop strength, flexibility and stamina in the pelvic floor, and release tension in the shoulders. Learn emotional tools to help with labour, childbirth and parenting. Prenatal Yoga will help make labor easier for childbirth. Come join us in this important moment for every mother. Although each workshop class is designed as part of a 6 weeks structured course, they can also be taken as an individual class, and can be commenced at any week. This would suit students who are available or interested in only a particular workshop topic/s.You will be practicing at our studio or at home, while our Prenatal teacher will be guiding you. Complimentary Yoga block, mats, bolsters and disinfectant sprays and paper towels provided. 


Week 1: Standing poses

Modifications of Specific Yoga for pregnancy and Asana (poses)

Benefits of yoga

The Key Alignments

Breath, Maha Bundas and Drishti

Asana to help with neutral spine


Week 2: Strengthen, stretch and tone

Benefits and Key alignment points

Sun salutations

Tuning in to the natural rhythm of the earth with sun salutations

Stretch and strengthen to major muscles and organs

Increase lung capacity using the breath


Week 3: Forward bends 

Relax, nervous system and soothe the mind

Teaches to surrender and relax

Releases stress tension from side of body

Increases blood circulation 

Stability in asana


Week 4: Hip openers

Releases tension from backside of the body (tightness during pregnancy)

It helps with digestion which is slow during pregnancy

Increases Focus 

Engages legs and safeguard joints (build strength)


Week 5: Backbends

Assists to improve energy and internal power

Tones abdominal organs increases digestion

Strengthens whole backside

Releases whole front body which gets tight due to weight gain in the breasts


Week 6: Twists 

Movements from Base of spine to the crown of the head

Moving freely from one side of the body to the other

Nourishing the spine, cleanses the internal organs

 Strengthens the muscles to free up the whole vertebrae 


In Studio

*Complimentary personalised yoga mat, block and bolster hire, and cleaning sprays are provided for all prenatal

student to use in studio. You will enjoy the sole use of your yoga items throughout your 6 weeks course.  


Individual Prenatal Class 


($26.50/Prenatal Class) 

6 weeks Prenatal Course

(If you wish to attend regular In Studio classes during the 6 weeks course, pay only $13/class)



Enhance your practice

 6 weeks Prenatal Course

Plus Unlimited Slow Flow & Yin Classes

Live Stream

**Complimentary yoga mat, block and bolster hire, with cleaning spray bottle are provided to all prenatal course live stream students to take home for 6 weeks. If you wish to attend regular In Studio classes during the 6 weeks course, pay only $13/class


Individual Prenatal Live Stream Class



($13.10/prenatal class) 

 6 weeks Prenatal Live Stream Course 



 Enhance your practice at home

 6 weeks Prenatal Live Stream Course + Unlimited 

Slow Flow & Yin Live Stream Classes

**Pick up your complimentary yoga items at our studio.

 ** A $50 deposit is required, which will be return to you when hired items are returned 

In Studio & Live Stream Interactive

workshop class

In Studio /Live Stream 

*Complimentary yoga mat and props provided

Start Dates 

19th January 2021 

Every Tuesdays 530pm


6 weeks Prenatal Course 




6 weeks Course

+ Unlimited 

Yoga Classes



Live Stream

Live Stream

Live Stream

In Studio

In Studio

In Studio


Prenatal Class


Meet Kavita

 Prenatal Teacher