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Open Air Yoga

Breathe Outdoors 
Enjoy Open Skies & Open Minds

 North Melbourne & West Melbourne Outdoors Yoga Classes

Small Group: Class size 12

While the world is still experiencing a pandemic and that covid-19 variants can be transmitted among vaccinated people with potential heath effects, we have chosen not to conduct indoor classes until the pandemic is over. 

For those of you who love the outdoors, you are in for a treat!

Coming November 2021 to April 2022, we will be adding outdoor yoga classes to our timetable. Our outdoor classes will be held at Flagstaff Gardens from 5th November 2021.

Details of Open Air classes in our North Melbourne location will be updated in January 2022!

In line with Victoria regulations, all our In Person outdoor classes will be open to only fully vaccinated students and taught by fully vaccinated teachers (i.e. those who are at least 1 week post their full course of the covid 19 vaccinations). To mitigate any possible Covid 19 virus transmission, all our students and teachers will be spaced at least 3 metres apart. We understand that mask wearing during exercise outdoors is optional, however, we recommend everyone to keep their masks on during our open air classes, and we leave the choice to you!


Learn about our Open Air classes at Flagstaff Gardens:

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Visit here to see about how we will keep you safe when you practice with us!