Join us for a fun and energetic Nirvana class with Kristina. Nirvana is a breathwork system that uses a powerful combination of breathing techniques, music and functional movements, elegantly woven into a simple and effective choreography. An effective blend of breathing, pilates and yoga flow to tone up, strengthen and stretch your whole body. Rhythmical breathing to music with sound cues and theta wave technology puts your mind in a state of flow, or being in the zone - a mental state where we feel truly immersed in our practice.

About Kristina:

Kristina is an artist and enjoys the  meditation that comes during her art drawing and creation. Thats where the mind goes quiet and intention becomes clear. Living in Slovenia, she undertook yoga training in Ljubljana, her life motto is "Obožujem Življenje", which means "I adore my life". A simple afirmation that benefits everyone ~ "Accept your life as it is and it will give you big rewards." Kristina has a calm and easy vinyasa practice, and teaches a mix of hatha flow and yin yoga. She will gently guide you through breathing techniques and the right postures that suit your body type and meditation.