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Yoga Foundation Course 

The Yoga Foundation Live Stream Course is designed  for both new to yoga students as well as students looking to reinvigorate their practice. Our 4-week class series is designed to nurture, enliven and grow your understanding of yoga. Gain practical tools to enhance your posture, breath, and mindful movement in the studio and in daily life. Sessions will be held within a nurturing community. Each lesson builds on the previous, with generous support and resources along the way. This is a semi private or private class where you will recieve private coaching from our experienced yoga teacher. Furthermore, it is organised at a time and day that suits you!

Week 1: Yoga Basics

What is yoga? History and background of Vinyasa and other systems

Philosophy - The 8 Limbs of Yoga

Breath, Bandha and Dristhi

Introduction to Sun Salutations


Week 2: Strength and Stability, Breath and Movement

Introduction to Standing poses

Vinyasa - how each pose is linked

Balancing poses

Structure and stability

Week 3: Firm and Comfortable Seat

Introduction to initial seated poses

Seated Vinyasa

How seated Asana can help

Week 4: Flexibility, Modifications and variations

Deep dive into flexibility 

Focus on twisting poses

Building core strength

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