Our courses are designed for the general public. We believe that now, more than ever, it is important to be informed about integrative medicine and lifestyle education. Learn how lifestyle, nutrition and environmental factors can impact your health, and how you and your family can modify your lifestyles to lead a better quality of life.

We have outlined a list of the learning modules here and they will be available in the upcoming month. You will then be able to purchase passes to the online workshops and courses. These webinars and courses are prepared and taught by our studio director, Dr Sue Gan, a medical doctor and Neuroscience researcher, as well as our guest speakers and wellness experts from a range of fields. 


Lifestyle Medicine Workshop: Exercise, Sleep & Stress


19th September (Sat)

An Introduction to Environmental Health: Toxins & 5G


Coming Soon


Gastrointestinal System and the Microbiome

Anti Inflammatory Diet & Comparing Dietary Approaches

Mental Health and Biochemical Pathways

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