Candice began her enquiry into the connection between mind/body/spirit 12 years ago by attending a Reiki course at age 17. For the next 12 years she has been travelling the globe and exploring various styles of body work, meditation, expressive dance, yoga, and volunteering in ashrams and health centres of various wisdom traditions.
Candice has received the following qualifications throughout her travels and exploration, Diploma of Health Science (Holistic Kinesiology/Chinese Medicine), 200hr Hatha YTTC, 200hr Yin YTTC, 200hr Mystical Dance and Meditation TTC, 50hr Insight Yin Yoga and Meditation, Cert IV in Swedish Massage.

Candice is now settled in Melbourne to continue her study of Chinese Medicine. She primarily teaches Yin Yoga with a focus on mindfulness and Chinese Medicine meridian and psychology theory. She combines insights from various traditions with a focus on self-inquiry.

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203 Victoria Street,

West Melbourne