A New Zealander, currently working as an Alternative Therapist, Grant's diverse teaching style comes from over 16 years experience on the yoga mat, across multiple alternative traditions - spanning across the globe. He has 3 TTC in Sivananda (classic Hatha), Satyananda & Kundalini yoga. He teaches Kundalini, Dynamic/Vinyasa Flow & Hatha - to softer Hatha, Flow & Yin classes. 
He has spent considerable time studying & living in India in traditional
ashram environments throughout Europe. This gives his teachings a distinctive style & flavour unique. He believes transformation cannot be taught, but experienced - as each individuals interpretation of ancient/modern practices are instantly transformed through the individual - thus creating something completely original & unique. His style burns with the fire of a fusion of traditional yogic practices, pranayamas & asanas, as well as modern practices in meditation, psychology & breathwork. Through this process of purifying the body & mind & rising of kundalini energy - he believes we can transform our base instincts into love & pure blissful spiritual-universal experience... and we can live a life of happiness, peace, balance, creativity, abundance & freedom. This is his prayer for you.

‘You are the ones you have been waiting for, there is no one else’

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