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Breathe Outdoors 

Enjoy open skies & open minds

outdoor Class

Prices and Offers

Spring 2020 offer

Outdoor Open Air




30 Days



$15.40/week $2.20/day

Outdoor Open Air 


 In-Studio M-F 10am-1pm



30 days





$23.1/week | $3.30/day 


Outdoor Open Air





30 days



Outdoor Open Air &

In-Studio Full 

Get the best of both worlds, fresh outdoor air & beautiful studio ambience whenever u like



 $30.3/week $4.33/day

Breath Outdoors, Enjoy Fresh Air at your feet,






30 days





$23.1/week | $3.30/day 

Get the best of both worlds, fresh outdoor air & our beautiful studio ambience during day time 

- 15 days unlimited Outdoor Yoga

- 23 classes a week

- Top Up $10 for a casual Off-Peak In-Studio class

- Top Up $15 for a casual peak In-Studio class

-Limit to first 50 students

- One per student 

- Conditions Apply**

- 30 days unlimited Outdoor Yoga.

- Plus unlimited In-Studio Off Peak* classes

- Plus Shape Up Pilates 

- 30 Classes a week 

- Top-Up $15 for a casual Peak

In-Studio class 

-Limit to first 50 students

- One per student 

- Conditions Apply**

* Off-Peak times are Weekdays 10am & 12noon, 

& Weekends 12noon classes

- 30 days unlimited Outdoor classes

- Plus unlimited All In-Studio classes

- Plus Shape Up Pilates

- 52 Classes a week 

- Limit to first 50 students 

- One per student 

Conditions Apply**

Offer Terms & Conditions

One offer only per student - all everyone including existing^ students!

^Existing students who have a current membership / 5/10/20 passes are eligible to get the $99 for 30 Days Unlimited Offer Only

Cannot be changed or upgrade to another offer once student has attended their first class

$5 change fee for upgrades of offer prior to first class. 

Non refundable.

Not transferable once used. 

Not suspendable.

Payment has to be made prior to attending class via online or bank transfer. No cash payment accepted.

Payment can be made at studio through students mobile phone for online payment. We recommend students to arrange payment at home for ease of check in. 

In the event of rain, Outdoor Yoga will be held online via live-stream.

- Valid for 30 consecutive days from date of first class

^^Pass expires 31st Jan 2021, and not valid for use after 31st Jan 2021. 

outdoor Memberships


3 Month


3 mths



One Month







*Cost per class


Privileges for Memberships

  • On your birthday, bring your friends and family members to join you for yoga classes for FREE!

  • 1 complimentary yoga passes every month to gift your friends and family members who have never been to the studio before

  • 10% off all Outdoors, In Studio & Online workshops / courses

  • To use your Outdoor membership to attend In-Studio classes, top up your membership: $10 for 1 Casual In-Studio visit, 

   Valid for all 1-month and 3-months Full Memberships 

*Cost per class based on

1 class a day



/mth ($29.8/wk) 



You can upgrade your Outdoor Membership to our Full membership (In-Studio, Outdoors & Online) anytime you wish, with no extra cost. However, you cannot downgrade your membership again, until it expires.

If you have an Outdoor Membership, and want to attend an In-Studio Class, you pay only $8 for each In-Studio Class  

If you have a 5/10/20 Outdoor class pass, you can use your Outdoor Pass to attend In-Studio Classes by topping up $8 per visit each time you attend an In-Studio Class using one of your Outclass Class pass 



Cost per class

expiry 5 weeks



expiry 10 weeks





expiry 30/4/2021



expiry 2 wks

outdoor Yoga Class Rates 




5 Class



10 Class



20 Class



Booking Policy: 

Booking open 1 week before class. Due to current class size limit of 10 per class, please be kind and book only the class you can attend. 

The following applies for each cancellation less than 4 hrs of class start time or for no show:

Casual Class and 5/10/20 class pack: No refunds can be made

1 or 3 Months Membership : 2 days will be deducted from your membership

 Intro Offer Pass: 4 days will be deducted from your Intro Pass

In the event of rain:

Outdoor class will be conducted as live stream online classes.

Students will be notified 2 hr in advance of class start time.

Students who have booked the outdoor class can then attend the live stream class from the comfort of their home.

5/10/20 Class Pass students will have their pass refunded.

Outdoor Membership students will have an extra day added to their pass.